The new Seaport will offer something for everyone, from local residents to tourists. It will be a rich mix of complementary and thoughtfully planned components that will be enhanced and an immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences that will entertain, educate and connect people in powerful ways to their environment, culture and history. An expanded park and public space will open the waterfront to more people; street shops and restaurants of all kinds will bring new vitality to the waterfront and downtown; a hospitality core made up of lodging suitable for all pocketbooks will bring 24/7 vitality and activity; lifelong education will be a major component in a marine-focused charter school and facilities for continuing studies; water sports, an outdoor gym, beach volleyball, boating and swimming are also essential parts of the plan. And of course there will also be the simple pleasures of just sitting on one of our beaches or strolling along the expanded esplanade. Added to this you will find anchor attractions like the state-of-the-art aquarium as well as The Spire that will carry locals and visitors 500 feet above the bay to enjoy the breathtaking views. Learn more