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the Water
Develop Parks,
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Urban Beach
Create a
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The reimagining of Seaport San Diego Continues

The Vision

Seaport San Diego is a thoughtful and creative reimagining of one of the most important pieces of real estate on San Diego’s waterfront. It is being designed to provide valuable community resources and world-class amenities and attractions for residents and visitors.

“This is a legacy project. It’s about giving back to San Diego by creating a place all of us will be proud of, a destination that will draw people from across the globe to our city,” said Yehudi “Gaf” Gaffen, managing partner of Protea Waterfront Development, the team behind Seaport San Diego. “Our approach is guided by our firm belief that great design can build community.”

Ongoing programs and activities, along with parks, a plaza, an urban beach and other public spaces on the water’s edge, will anchor Seaport San Diego. It will bring families and friends together for relaxation, education and fun to create a new world-class destination for our great city on the water.

The more we learn about the site and what people want, the more our plan evolves. Stay tuned!

The Place

Seaport San Diego was created with you in mind. Parks, urban open space, promenades, pedestrian-oriented streets and other public spaces cover more than 70% of the site located west of downtown along the San Diego Bay. A uniquely San Diego setting, the new Seaport San Diego honors the water and celebrates nature and ecology.

Community Benefits

Seaport San Diego will be a destination that brings life to the San Diego waterfront. The water’s edge will be the signature experience. Through its wide range of exceptional amenities, improvements and partnerships, Seaport San Diego will provide a sought-after experience that is fresh and engaging, creating welcoming places and active spaces for San Diegans and visitors.

Seaport San Diego

  • Opens our waterfront with a world-class urban resort district.
  • Provides San Diegans and tourists with a new favorite destination.
  • Features well-designed parks, walkways, beaches, and other public spaces.
  • Includes vibrant places to shop, taste and learn that will awaken our waterfront.
  • Showcases the water’s edge, the signature experience of Seaport San Diego.


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