Seaport San Diego will offer visitors world‐class recreational, commercial, cultural and educational attractions, while incorporating the rich aquatic heritage and industry of the region. It is an extraordinary opportunity to thoughtfully establish a global centerpiece in the heart of our city. We have shaped our plan for this 70-acre site with the waterfront as the focal point to encourage local, national and international tourism by creating a diverse district to encourage reconnection with the sea and with each other.

Most importantly, the new Seaport San Diego will offer visitors the simple pleasures of sitting on a beach, sipping coffee at a park or plaza, or strolling along the water’s edge. Added to this, you will find anchor attractions and breathtaking views of downtown and the bay.



Seaport San Diego will be an interactive hub, a special destination featuring:

  • An expanded park and public space that will open up our waterfront.
  • Street shops and restaurants of all kinds that will bring vitality to the waterfront and downtown.
  • A hospitality core comprised of lodging suitable for all pocketbooks to create 24/7 activity.
  • Lifelong education in a marine-focused learning center with facilities for continuing studies.
  • Water sports, an outdoor gym, beach volleyball, boating and swimming are also part of our plans.
  • A revitalized commercial fishing basin at the historic Tuna Harbor site.