March 2022

Anticipated groundbreaking

Late 2018/Early 2019

Protea Waterfront Development expects to present second evolution of Seaport San Diego design concept.

March 2018

Protea Waterfront Development presents first evolution of Seaport San Diego design concept.

October 2017

Port enters into an Exclusive Negotiation Agreement with Protea Waterfront Development, LLC.

May 2017

Board directs staff to negotiate and enter into an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement for a period of two years with Protea Waterfront Development, LLC, the proposed managing member of 1HWY1, with a project description to be completed in one year.

November 2016

Board votes to select 1HWY1's proposal, while reserving certain rights on behalf of the agency.

June 2016

Port hosts an Open House, inviting the community to preview the six proposals and provide comments. More than 1,200 people attend.

May 2016

Due date for proposals. Eleven are received, and six proposals meet the criteria for consideration.

February 2016

Port issues Request for Proposals.

December 2015

Board unanimously votes to direct staff to seek development proposals for this area.

November 2015

Framework Report is accepted by the Board in November 2015, concluding the visioning phase.

October 2015

Board of Port Commissioners directs staff to move forward on a development strategy for the Central Embarcadero.


Vision Statement and Guiding Principles are accepted by the Board of Port Commissioners.


Port begins process with extensive public outreach, including 100 interviews with stakeholders and agencies.
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