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The Vision

We are driven by the belief that great design can support a community. We envision the new Seaport as more than a set of buildings; it will be a vital, ongoing set of programs and activities in the public realm to maintain liveliness, attractiveness, freshness, security and the public good.

Seaport is a unique reimagining of one of the most important pieces of real estate on San Diego’s waterfront. It has been designed to provide valuable community resources and world-class amenities and attractions for residents and visitors alike. Bringing families and friends together for relaxation, education and fun to create what we believe will be a new image for our great city on the water.

The Place

A uniquely San Diego setting for our world-class city that will honor the water and celebrate nature and ecology.

Community Benefits

Seaport will be a destination that brings life to the San Diego waterfront. Through its wide range of exceptional amenities, improvements and partnerships, it will provide a sought-after experience that’s fresh and full of energy, creating an environment that benefits residents as well as visitors and members of the community.

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